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New Results From The Million Veteran Program Reveal Six Genes Linked To Anxiety

Jan 07 2020
The Million Veteran Program is one of the world’s largest biobanks including the genetic, medical and environmental information of U.S. veterans. Researchers have completed the largest-ever genome-wide association study of anxiety traits using data from nearly 2,000 individuals in the program. The analysis identified six gene variants linked to anxiety, establishing clear directions for further research. One of these gene variants is also linked to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and others are linked to a gene that regulates the processing of estrogen. To learn more, see the article from the American Journal of Psychiatry.

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Two-Thirds of Los Angeles County Jail Inmates With Mental Illness Potentially Eligible For Diversion

Jan 06 2020
Diversion programs redirect people with mental illness away from traditional criminal justice processing to community-based treatment. This practice improves health outcomes and reduces future justice system involvement. To help determine how it should invest in expanding community-based services in the future, Los Angeles County commissioned a study of its jail population. The study showed that 61% of people with mental illness currently incarcerated in LA County jails were candidates for diversion, and an additional 7% were potential candidates. To learn more, see the report from the RAND Corporation.