High-dose B vitamins can effectively reduce schizophrenia symptoms, research finds
Posted on Feb 16 2017
Medical Life Sciences News

The first meta-analysis on this topic could be an important advance, given that new treatments for this condition are so desperately needed.

Depression may be our brain's way of telling us to stop and solve a problem
Posted on Feb 15 2017
Business Insider

As fascinating as evolutionary explanations are, it's hard to prove they are correct, especially if they haven't yet been reinforced by other research. The idea that depression might be a biological adaptation rather than a mental disorder is not the consensus of the mental-health community. And even if the hypothesis is correct, it's likely incomplete and doesn't explain all facets of depression.

Psychiatric drugs haven’t improved for decades. So researchers are scouring the brain for leads
Posted on Feb 15 2017

Even when the mechanism of a brain disease is better understood, it’ll still be a very long road to better treatments.

Medicaid: A vital lifeline for mental health care
Posted on Feb 14 2017
The Hill

NAMI CEO Mary Gilibart's commentary warns that Congress is considering changes to Medicaid that could set back the cause of improving mental health care and deny care to millions of Americans with mental illness. Medicaid is the most important funder of services for people with mental illness. About one-third of people added to Medicaid in the states that have expanded the program live with a mental illness or substance use condition.


The ACA Debate: Move Forward, Not Back
Posted on Feb 07 2017
Huffington Post

Lives are at stake. CEO Mary Giliberti's HP blog quotes residents of California, Michigan and Pennsylvania. NAMI’s position is non-partisan and simple. We want to keep what works and make the mental health care system even better than it is today.

Mental illness advocate weighs in on gun regulation repeal
Posted on Feb 04 2017

“The intent is good to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill but the process of just allowing the Social Security to sorta willy nilly decide who that is.. Is probably not the best way to handle that," said Paton Blough, a member of the NAMI South Carolina board.

We Put Our Lives on Hold for 7 Years to Get Our Schizophrenic Son the Help He Needed
Posted on Feb 02 2017
Good Housekeeping

Liz and Steve joined the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a support and advocacy program for families dealing with mental illness.

Dating & Mental Illness: 5 Ways to Deal
Posted on Feb 01 2017

The growing number of undiagnosed mental illnesses—specifically in the Black community —is a nagging concern. According to NAMI, “a good relationship provides valuable social support during difficult times..”


How Parents Can Identify Mental Health Problems in Their College Kids
Posted on Jan 30 2017
US News & World Report

See also  NAMI's special guide, "Starting the Connversation: College and Your Mental Health" at www.nami.org/collegeguide.

Does more mental health treatment and less stigma produce better mental health?
Posted on Jan 30 2017
The Conversation

Two articles published in World Psychiatry shine a light on how the public views mental health care. The findings are surprisingly optimistic.