How to Decide Between Seeing a Therapist or a Counselor
Posted on Jul 01 2019
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The goal is to help you make an informed decision between the many professionals capable of helping you. “It’s difficult to determine whether one type of mental health professional is better than another based solely on their degree or training,” Teri Brister, Ph.D., L.P.C., Director of Information and Support for NAMI. “You should look at their interests and specialties to make sure they align with your goals for therapy.” “While it is important for therapists to be educated, trained, and up-to-date on current practices, there is so much more to a good therapist than just their background and education,” says Brister.
Government Fails to Release Data on Deaths in Police Custody
Posted on Jun 18 2019
Associated Press
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Reports that more than four years after Congress required the Department of Justice to assemble information about those who die in police custody, the agency has yet to implement a system for collecting that data or release any new details of how and why people die under the watch of law enforcement. The information vacuum is hampering efforts to identify patterns that might lead to policies to prevent deaths during police encounters, arrests and incarceration.
Why Storytelling is at the Heart of Shifting Attitudes About Mental Health
Posted on Jun 10 2019
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Looks at how literature has shifted to include more themes of mental illness in recent years and the spike in authors sharing their stories through memoirs and novels contributes to the greater effort to break down stigma.
A New Push Aims to Bring Mental Health and Addiction into the 2020 Campaign Conversation
Posted on Jun 10 2019
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Reports that NAMI, along with seven other organizations, has launched Mental Health for US, a nonpartisan educational coalition dedicated to elevating mental health and substance abuse in policy conversations around the country.
Why is it Still so Hard for Young People of Color to Get Therapy?
Posted on Jun 04 2019
Detailed perspective of minority children’s struggles to receive mental health treatment. Young Black and Latinx people in the U.S. have a very different relationship with mental illness than their white peers, including higher rates of attempted suicide. In communities of color, it’s still largely taboo to talk about mental illness openly, let alone seek help for it. Many of these young people don’t seek it, or when they do, have very limited access.
San Francisco Proposes Nation’s First Universal Mental Health Care System
Posted on Jun 04 2019
USA Today
San Francisco residents could soon receive free mental health care and substance use disorder treatment under a proposed universal mental health care system aiming to be the first of its kind in the country. The plan, which is called “Mental Health SF,” would include a 24/7 treatment center for any city resident in need of help, whether that’s counseling for anxiety or emergency care to treat a psychotic episode.
Police Train to be ‘Social Workers of Last Resort’
Posted on May 31 2019
PEW Stateline
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Reports that in Washington state, police are now required to undergo de-escalation and mental health training. National failures in the mental health system have led family and community members to rely on law enforcement when dealing with crises.
Angela Kimball on Mental Health Awareness
Posted on May 29 2019
C-SPAN Washington Journal
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Angela Kimball, Acting CEO, was on Washington Journal for a 30-minute segment about the state of mental health in America. Angela discussed mental health issues, the importance of parity, WhyCare? campaign and reducing stigma and discrimination around mental illness. The segment also included call-in questions from the public where Angela talked with individuals who face the day-to-day reality of mental illness.
When Healthcare Fails: Diabetes and Bipolar Disorder
Posted on May 20 2019
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Looks at the relationship between diabetes and mental illness with a focus on the family story of Adrienne Kennedy, NAMI President. Kennedy shares her family's story with the hope of helping others experiencing these issues. While it may be an extreme example for some, the message is valid for anyone in the Diabetes Community that mental health is important, but it's too often overlooked by healthcare professionals as well as people with diabetes, who may not recognize what they're going through. (Trigger Warning)
Urgent Care On Demand, Except This Time for Mental Health
Posted on May 19 2019
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Looks at clinics in Massachusetts where patients can get mental health care on demand. Eight states are testing a free-standing community center model. The Massachusetts Association for Mental Health is developing an urgent mental health care model for children.