Press Releases

Young Adults with Mood Disorders Often Not Receiving Mental Health Care, Survey Finds
Oct 07 2021

We commissioned this important survey during the pandemic to get a clearer understanding of how different communities are faring. Younger adults (18–34) experience greater concerns about the judgment and stigma they may experience from seeking out treatment. When they do seek out treatment, they have greater difficulty in accessing affordable, professional care.

Communities of Color Face Greater Challenges Finding Effective Therapy, National Survey Finds
Oct 05 2021

The survey sought to better understand the impact of mood disorders, which include common mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and other kinds of depression. While racial disparities exist across all communities, our survey found that Hispanic and Asian American individuals are facing more significant struggles, including a lack of cultural competency among health care professionals.

This Mental Illness Awareness Week, NAMI Advocates for Increasing Mental Health Care Access
Oct 04 2021

This MIAW, NAMI is highlighting our “Together for Mental Health” campaign, which focuses on the importance of improving the mental health care system. Each day throughout the week (Oct. 3 – 9), we will spread awareness about some of the most common barriers to mental health care people with mental illness face. We will accomplish this by raising the voices of those with lived experience and sharing their compelling stories.

NAMI Is Here To Help for Feelings of Trauma, As Anniversary of 9/11 Approaches
Sep 08 2021

Reminders of 9/11 are all around us — in the news, in documentaries, on social media and in the broader public discussion. For many people, those reminders vividly bring back the trauma they first felt two decades ago. We respond to grief and tragedy in our own ways and our own time. You should know that you are not alone — and that help is available.

Survey Finds Treatment Cost and Stigma Are Major Barriers to Accessing Care for Mood Disorders
Aug 24 2021

The cost of treatment and access to quality, affordable care, along with stigma, are major barriers to Americans seeking help for mood disorders, according to a national survey out today. The 2021 Mood Disorder Survey was conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

NAMI and The Steve Fund Announce New Partnership Focused on Improving Mental Health in Black Families
Jul 29 2021

NAMI and The Steve Fund have established a new partnership to promote programs and services to support the mental health of Black families and other families of color, uniting two organizations with a mutual goal to build knowledge about mental health and access to needed resources.

NAMI Elects New Board of Directors in Conjunction with NAMICon 2021 Virtual Event
Jul 29 2021
The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) today announced the election of its new board of directors. Shirley J. Holloway, Ph.D., was elected to serve a second term as board president of the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization.
NAMICon 2021 Virtual Event Honors Mental Health Leaders
Jul 29 2021
The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has honored and presented awards for exemplary national, state and local leadership as part of Virtual NAMICon 2021. Read about our awards and 2021 award winners.
NAMI Urges Swift Action to Reimagine Crisis Response Ahead of 988 Launch Next Year
Jul 16 2021

In the year before 988 becomes widely available, we need all levels of government to ensure that no matter when or where people call 988, there are well-trained staff to answer the call, mobile crisis teams to provide an in-person response, and crisis stabilization programs that can get people on the path to follow-up care.

NAMICon 2021: Bringing People Together for Mental Health – The Time is Now, Virtual Event on July 27-28
Jul 14 2021

The theme of NAMICon 2021 is "Bringing People Together for Mental Health – The Time is Now" and includes sessions focused on advancing mental health research, crisis care that focuses on building community mental health resources, culture and identity disparities in mental health, and youth and young adult mental health.